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A loop song created by looping live voice recordings on a delay modeler. There are no studio tricks here, just live looping. There's an element of improvisation to this track in that the monologue, while always having elements of common phrases, issues, and philosophies associated with television, is different every time it is performed.


"Call now and you can get a double offer!"

That's right. Call now and you'll forget every meager part of your existence. If you call the number on your screen, you will forget everything that has happened to you or me. You will go beyond the state of existence that we currently associate with what we see in front of our eyes. And if you call now, we will go Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Come on out to the monster truck rally. Bigger than anything you've ever seen! If we go out to the galaxy, we will find that the universe is way, way, WAY bigger than monster trucks. Where, why don't we, why, why, why, why don't we try to expand our entire existence in all reality, but no one seems to care about science or Baaltilical degrees or, if ya go to, ya know, like, go to college or somethin' they say "You know, go to get, you know, get a degree..." It doesn't really matter, ya know. They always say, like, "undergraduate's the new bachelors", or whatever, I, ya know...

Call now if you're tryin' to get to a particular place and ya know how to get a smile on your face. And I, right now. And I know everything's lookin' on up ever. Get double, double offer, I'm gonna give you information right now on the television screen, television screen, don't look away, don't look away from me.

"1-800-5555555555555. Call now!"


from Sandwich Express, released February 18, 2014
Performed by Alex Huey



all rights reserved



Energizing, fun music combined with entertaining theatrics and an atmosphere of unpredictability. Iron-E works toward creating a unique, original, and ultimately jaw dropping performance which will leave the listener with sweaty pits, a nugget of wisdom, and a heart full of dreams. Beware. ... more

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