The Escape

from by Iron-E

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Iron-E's first song is an energetic escape from life itself in the form of a straight up hard rock freight train. The track features a driving tempo, uplifting sound, and plenty of energy to help you escape.


Woke up screaming, wheel in my face
My first thought: “Gotta get outta this place!”
This Vehicular prison’s got me down
Speedin’ down the highway of this sad town
Door flies open, flung into space
Rolling on the pavement, startin’ the race
Nobody’s gonna keep me down, man
Traveling far is now the plan

Everywhere I go, all I see
People, people. Just like me!
Nothing else? Nothing else to be?
All consuming society?
I repeat my mantra: “No, no!”
“There has to be somewhere else to go”
Flying lessons, bought a plane
Antarctica will be my domain

For years I enjoyed isolation
But soon it became little consolation
I transcended transportation
Education and even the nation
But I needed something else to beat
So I built a nuclear fleet
Riding atop a mushroom cloud
Piercing through the heavens and screaming aloud!

Drifting through space, so empty
Pretty soon there was nothing to see
Enraptured in a world of black
I contemplated turning back
I felt the darkness inside of me
Can I never truly be free?
What, in this multiverse, do I lack?
In the palm of my hand appeared a crack…

I shuddered to think, the crack grew
I thought of myself as one of the few
I held my accomplishments so very near
The love of my self had become clear
A voice in the blackness declares a clue:
“Destroy the past, all become new
“Decipher the message of the blind seer
“You are to overcome all fear!”

Explosion of light emits from my eyes
I reach into the crack, pull into the skies
Falling from that Olympus mount
I had obtained that youthful fount
Fell into the driver’s seat through the moon roof
I had become living proof
Creativity and life, within you lies
Overcome fear and see it fly!


from Sandwich Express, released February 18, 2014
Lyrics/Voice - Alex Huey
Guitar - Trey Booth
Drums - Patrick Malmstrom
Bass - Kent Harmon



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Energizing, fun music combined with entertaining theatrics and an atmosphere of unpredictability. Iron-E works toward creating a unique, original, and ultimately jaw dropping performance which will leave the listener with sweaty pits, a nugget of wisdom, and a heart full of dreams. Beware. ... more

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